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Online Purchase For Grow Well Product
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No Product Quantity/ Carton Unit Price(RM) Total Amount(RM)
1 SeaweedKing® 海苔王 Roasted Rock Salt Korean Seaweed – Snack pack (36packs/ctn) 108.00 RM
2 KIM Roasted Bamboo Salt Korean Seaweed – Snack pack 108.00 RM
3 Gimpo Crispy Korean Seaweed (24packs/ctn) 72.00 RM
4 Roasted Korean Seaweed Sheet for Sushi/Hand Roll (30packs/ctn) 267.00 RM
5 Raw Wild Korean Seaweed Flakes (30packs ctn) 195.00 RM
6 Raw Wild Korean Seaweed Sheet(30packs/ctn) 240.00 RM
7 Korean Dried Wakame - Grade A 72.00 RM
8 Korean Dried Cut Wakame 裙带菜 (切) Korean Dried Cut Wakame - Grade A 84.00 RM
9 Korean Dried Cut Kombu 昆布 (切) Korean Dried Cut Kombu - Grade A 108.00 RM
10 Korean Dried Green Kombu 昆布 Korean Dried Green Kombu - Grade A 120.00 RM
11 Bamboo Salt 竹盐 Korean Bamboo Salt [Bio Salt] 150.00 RM
- Discount 10% RM
1 Courier Charges Apply